WKNDthreads.com now offers LAY-BUY, a layaway payment option powered by Paypal. You now have the option to pay in installment for up to 6 months. 

1. Who is LAY-BUY?

LAY-BUY is an Australian company founded back in 2010 by Warrin Van Deventer.  

2. What is LAY-BUY?

LAY-BUY is an affordable payment plan option where the customer gets to pay-off a product or service via 1 down-payment and the balance spread across 1-6 monthly installments and take delivery after the final installment.

3. Are there any fees charged for using this payment option?

WKNDthreads.com does not charge any fees for this payment option.

However, LAY-BUY does charge a minimal admin fee of  0.9%  of total item/s cost/s.

4. Is it safe and secure?

Yes. Lay-Buy is exclusively powered by Paypal. All payment processes are made through Paypal

You are taken to PayPal’s landing page. You then pay the down-payment that day with either your PayPal a/c or with your credit card. PayPal then sets up the LAY-BUY payment plan between you and WKNDthreads.com. PayPal then sends two email notifications, to WKNDthreads.com and to you. (One for the down-payment and another that a payment plan has been setup) Note: if you do not have a PayPal a/c, you will pay with you credit card that day and a PayPal a/c is setup for the LAY-BUY payment plan payments.

5. How is it different from other layaway options?

a. The item/s is/are only delivered after the final installment (i.e. you choose to pay in 2 month installments, you will get your order shortly on the 2nd month after final payment is received).

b. You are only charged with a .9% admin fee by LAY-BUY vs. monthly fees charged by credit card companies for opting to use their installment payment programs.

6. How does it work?

LAY-BUY makes it easy for you to buy the products by paying for them via a down payment and up to six monthly installments.

AFFORDABLE: A calculator allows you to select the down payment you can afford to layaway today and the amount of months you need to pay off the product.

CONVENIENCE: Payments are automatically setup between you and WKNDthreads.com with no manual payments by either party.

FLEXIBLE: You can also call us to settle a Lay-Buy order earlier at any given time.

CHOICE: You, the buyer gets to select the down-payment % they wish to pay immediately, and how many months they want the Lay-Buy to run for.

There's only 5 SIMPLE STEPS to take

Select Lay-Buy payment option at checkout.

Payment calculator makes it easy for you to set up your own payment plan.

Pay only down-payment portion amount.

Payments are then processed on the scheduled date YOU set.

Receive the item/s shortly after your last payment.

No interest charges, No membership fees.