Our Story

The French call it joie de vivre while the Italians speak of la dolce vita. Here at WKNDthreads.com, we share those same core values: striving to live our best lives beautifully. We believe that clothing should reflect that passion. That’s why we’ve selected only the finest, most premium brands to accompany you on your journey through life. Wherever your sun-kissed adventures may take you next, we’re happy to come along for the ride!

Young and Wild and Free

We get it – life can be stressful at times. Between catching a flight to your next business meeting or hopping aboard a yacht for a weekend getaway with friends, life doesn’t slow down. And why should it? For the wild and free at heart, life is a holiday. And whether that means all-day boozy brunches or rough-and-ready surfing adventures, you’re steadily making your way through that bucket list one weekend at a time. That’s why we’ve taken the guesswork out of getting dressed. We’ve carefully selected the best clothing and apparel to withstand the demands of your go-getter lifestyle. You take the risks; we’ll keep you looking good!

Cake by the Ocean

We like to think that style and comfort should go hand in hand – that’s why our weekend apparel isn’t only light and breathable, it’s bang on trend too. We’ve sourced each individual item from brands and designers that we trust. As important as the quality of our clothing may be, so is the message behind the garments. We aim to infuse your daily life with a touch of sunshine to enhance the simple joy of being you. So whether the weekend calls for sunset yoga on the beach or a casual catch-up with the girls, we know what you’ll be wearing. Why.. WKNDthreads.com apparel, of course!